Best Place To Be In Austria To Escape The Summers In India

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Best Place To Be In Austria To Escape The Summers In India

వియన్నా నుండి సాల్జ్బర్గ్కు , రైలు ప్రయాణం చాలా ప్రశాంతంగా మరియు అందమైనది We were en-route to Salzburg from Vienna and the train ride was very peaceful and beautiful as we had full view of the lush greenery below the mountain around the country side. One of the largest cities in Austria, Salzburg entirely contains of historical structures with amazing architecture. Especially the old town or Altstadt has beautifully designed buildings and classic streets for a cool walk down. The streets are usually busy and will make you get lost if you're coming for the first time. Other attractions of the superb town are the gardens, forts and cathedrals. The most stunning fort, Hohensalzburg Castle is considered the main attraction of the city. The fortress dates back to the 10th century and is superbly designed with white exterior.

Salzburg town is also the birth place of Music Maestro Mozart, sometimes considered the greatest classical musician ever. The house where Mozart lived is now a museum with all the time's relics and instruments put on display for Mozart fans and music lovers alike. A walk down in the streets of Getreidegasse allows you to have fun time shopping and walking. It's thrilling to say the least. Let us know in the comments if you like shopping too. :D

One of the many things you can do in Austria is visiting the 'Hangar 7', a display of aircrafts and racing cars of Formula One and others. It's an adrenaline pumping place to be if you're at Salzburg. We can see museum square officially called Mozartplatz Square, Toy Museum, St. Peter's Abbey, Mirabell Palace and much more which played a huge role in the great city to attain a UNESCO heritage site status.

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