The splendid Ajanta caves are one of a kind as they are cut through rock

The splendid Ajanta caves are one of a kind as they are cut through rock

1983 లో అజాంత గుహలు యునెస్కో ప్రపంచ వారసత్వ హోదాను పొందాయి
The Buddhist caves of Ajanta are an example for astounding artistry and engineering. They are cut from rock of a steep hill and look like a horse shoe when viewed from a higher point away. The caves were dedicated to Lord Buddha as we can immediately understand by entering one of them. The sculptures and paintings depicting him and his teachings. The caves were believed to be made during 2nd to 6th century B.C by different Kingdoms of the area. The general belief as evident is that even though the caves were made with Buddhism in mind, they had secular hints at some places as the Kings who extended original excavations were mainly Hindus.

The Ajanta caves were awarded the UNESCO world heritage status in the year 1983. The painting and sculptures were impressive enough for the British rulers of India, that they had already made it a global icon back in the 1800s itself when it was rediscovered. Many foreign scholars and archaeologists from different countries studied them and found them to be or world class. These were mainly the reason it was given the status. Even today the artistry is above modern Indian art in sheer complexity.

Consisting of several halls or 'viharas' within the 29 caves of Ajanta, the place still stands a must go destination when you plan to travel to Maharashtra. Host Karuna and team Vihari present you more details in this exciting video about India's pride, the Ajanta caves of Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

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