Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has Penguins and the Polar Exhibit for Wolves

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has Penguins and the Polar Exhibit for Wolves

చిమెలోంగ్ ఓషన్ రిసార్ట్ యొక్క మెగా మెరైన్ పార్క్
The mega marine park of Chimelong Ocean resort not only hosts whale sharks and Belugas, but as evident in one of our other videos, there's a zone dedicated to the Polar bears and Arctic Foxes and Arctic Wolves. Titles 'Polar Exhibit', the amphibian and land animals from the North Arctic Pole of the planet are displayed here. The Wolves especially being social are obviously seen in packs. Evidently they are shining white in color like their counterparts from the Arctic circle. Anchor Karuna is bewildered with their shining fur and skin and has fallen in love with their beauty and elegance. Wolves are definitely wild, but in their own home in Chimelong, they are looking like gentlemen hosts. Time to move on to the other zone for Penguins, the Penguin Exhibit.

The Penguin Exhibit at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a paradise for Penguin lovers and animal enthusiasts. You can see them in action straight up close where they live a social life with everyone or you can hop inside the aquarium panel to have even closer look underneath. Karuna looks pretty shocked to see these rare South Pole animals up close moving at lightning speed under water. They are pretty slow on land as we can always see on TV, and that's good for us since we can look at them in detail. The Penguin Exhibit welcomes you with plethora of information about marine animals and Penguins in particular and the different kinds of the species on the planet. Largely confined to the Antarctic continent, there are around 18 different kinds of Penguins known to man.

The Chimelong Ocean Park hosts two different kinds of Penguins, the 'Emperor Penguins' and the 'Ad?lie Penguins'. If you are planning to reach Chimelong, keep this in your bucket list, you wouldn't want to miss the animals you can never see given their geographic origins. We must congratulate and appreciate the Marine park for keeping them healthy and on display for guests and tourists. Happy Holidaying.

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