Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has a surprise package, the Polar Bear exhibit

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has a surprise package, the Polar Bear exhibit

పోలార్ బేర్స్ కోసం మొత్తం వేదిక కృత్రిమ మంచు, చల్లని వాతావరణంతో కప్పబడి ఉంటుంది

Even though it's renowned for hosting the largest aquarium in the world, the Chimelong Marine park has pretty good surprises up it's sleeves. One of them is the Polar Horizon which exhibits the Arctic Polar Bears in their full might by providing an artificial environment to make them feel home and display their natural instincts. Crowd can go crazy when they have a look at these wild bears behaving like innocent playful animals, keeping the fact in check, the Polar Bears are as big as the American Grizzly or the Kodiak and are the largest predators on the planet.

The Polar Horizon has other Arctic Circle animals in exhibit like the Arctic Foxes and even aquatic Penguins that are straight from the South Pole of Antarctica. The Polar Bears enclosure are safely contained by a glass window strong enough to let the visitors have a good look at the animals and their activities. The views are breath taking and if someone hasn't seen a Polar bear before, he or she is in for a treat. We can also see a few brown bears here and there in the Bear village as well as a bonus.

The entire arena for Polar Bears is covered with artificial snow, ice and cool atmosphere. This is strictly to save the Bears from having stress of being in unnatural habitat. Host Karuna has also made eye contact with a baby bear and wants to keep the baby bear guessing. Let's have a look at the Penguins in the next video.

ధ్రువ ఎలుగుబంట్లు ఎక్కువగా ఆర్కిటిక్ సర్కిల్, దాని చుట్టుపక్కల సముద్రాలు మరియు చుట్టుపక్కల భూమి మాస్, అడల్ట్ ధ్రువ ఎలుగుబంట్లు 200 నుండి 800 కిలోల వరకు ఉంటాయి.

The polar bears lies largely within the Arctic Circle, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses, Adult polar bears vary in size from 200 to 800 kg.

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