Boat Ride at Hengquin Hotel

Boat Ride at Hengquin Hotel

రోలర్ కోస్టర్ రైడ్స్, నీటి అడుగున ఆక్వేరియం, ధ్రువ ఎలుగుబంట్లు, ఆర్కిటిక్ తోడేళ్ళు మరియు 'బేలూ వేల్ షో' మరియు 'డాల్ఫిన్ షో'

Once the day started for us to reach the Chimelong Ocean theme park from the Hengquin hotel, we're greeted by boat rides which will take us from our current place straight to the circus. A long and stready ride, but the whole experience will be very pleasant as the blue waters on the artificial river looks very bright and soothing. Karuna, our host hums a very popular classical Bollywood song to add to the breezy feel on the way.

Boat ride on the river is supposed to be the only means to reach the park for now and required precautions are given to the tourists by handing them their life jackets to keep everything secure and safe.

Once the boat reaches the circus, we head on to the park where we will listen to Classical Chinese music being played instead of the usual techno and popular songs. This is very Chinese at it's core, and we really enjoyed it as well. Team Vihari with host Karuna Bhushan were ecstatic to finally reach the park and get ready for the roller coaster rides, the underwater aquarium, exhibits of polar bears, arctic wolves and the highlights 'Beluga whale show' and the 'Dolphin show'. The experiences are covered in our next videos.

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