Enthralling Beluga show

Enthralling Beluga show

జువాయ్, చైనాలోని చిమెలోంగ్ మహాసముద్రం రాజ్యం చాలా అరుదైన సముద్రపు నీటి జాతులను కలిగి ఉంది.

The Chimelong Ocean kingdom of Zuhai, China boasts of extremely rare underwater species for presentation in various centers through out the park. One of them is the Beluga Theatre where we can watch these Arctic origin whales do funny stunts and mesmerizing flips. Team Vihari and anchor Karuna didn't waste any time and went inside the auditorium once the announcement was made that the show was about to begin.

What we can see once the show gets started is that the house gets full packed with loud cheers from the spectators while entering inside. Immediately we get to understand the tension and aura of watching the stunning animals ready to show their skills. We had the best seat in the house in the middle as the big LED behind the pool gives a zoomed in view of what's happening in the event.

Starting with doing their signature back flips and fast dives along with the trainers, Beluga whales, like Dolphins appear human friendly, although they are from an entirely different habitat. These thick skinned mammals keep surprising the spectators with quick sprints and even kisses, which our host Karuna Bhushan will show us in the next video.
Beluga whales are small, white whales that live in the cold waters throughout the Arctic and some subarctic locations. They can be found in a variety of habitats, from deep offshore to shallow bays. Some even swim far up rivers. Belugas are social, and form groups called pods.
Beluga whales can swim backwards, helping them navigate icy waters. Beluga skin is ten times thicker than dolphin skin and one hundred times thicker than terrestrial mammal skin.

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