Anchor kisses Beluga Whales

Anchor kisses Beluga Whales

బెలుగ వైట్ వేల్ షో' అని పిలవబడే ఈ కార్యక్రమం చాలామంది పర్యాటకులను ఆకర్షించింది మరియు మా హోస్ట్ కరుణ భూషణ్తో పాటు వెళ్ళడానికి మరియు చూడాలని మాకు ప్రేరేపించింది.

The Beluga whales have a top show of their own in one of the Chinese marine parks, The Ocean Kingdom of Chimelong and they are as enthralling as it sounds. The whales do flips, moves and even kiss their spectators as a part of the show. Popularly known as the 'Beluga White Whale Show', this event has captured many tourists attraction all over and it has prompted us to have a go and look at, along with our host Karuna Bhushan.

As they keep doing their tail fin flips, fantastic moves and nods to their trainers in the blue pool, much to the applause of the crowd, an extra show piece includes few random people from the spectator arena being selected to meet the Beluga Whales in person. What happens next is one of a kind. The whales get closer and offer a kiss to the audience member. It's a little away from being cosy, however it's one of a kind of experience and the people were enjoying the moment very well.

Our host Karuna was lucky to be selected as well, and she offered a few smooth kisses to the whales too. Believe us, the whales definitely were lucky this time around ;)

As a part of our Chinese adventure, the water show and meeting the Beluga whales have indeed given us required excitement to watch for other shows around the Chimelong Ocean park.

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