Vihari tours Zhuhai, mainland China and offers you all the travel information and hotel stay

Vihari tours Zhuhai, mainland China and offers you all the travel information and hotel stay

చైనాలోని దక్షిణ గాంగ్డాంగ్ ప్రావిన్స్లో మకోవు సరిహద్దులో జుహాయ్ ఒక ఆధునిక నగరం.

Our team Vihari's destination was the Chimelong Mega Marine Park situated in the Zhuhai town of China. The way to reach there is quite an event by itself. First of all Zhuhai comes under mainland China, and Macau is an independently administered region of the Republic Of China that has it's own customs and rules for tourists and travelers. So, it requires special permit, or multiple Chinese visa to enter/exit Macau to/from mainland China. As we were well aware of this all, we could immediately jump in our vehicles for a super adventurous tour of Zhuhai and it's illustrious Chimelong Henguin Bay Hotel that hosts the Ocean Kingdom

Crossing Macau border involves crossing the world's longest bridge of sea the 'HZMB' dubbed 'Hong Kong- Zuhai-Macau Bridge', a spectacular sea link that stretches to 50 kilometers and more. A joint venture by Hong Kong, China and Macau, the ambitious bridge took 9 years to complete and was finally opened in late 2018. The culmination of linking cities, Hong Kong, Macau with mainland south China, by various transports like rail and road, reminds you of the San Fransisco Bay Area that connects cities.

Our stop when reaching Zhuhai was the Ecological Theme hotel Hengqin. Away from the busy streets of Macau, we found immediate peace and tranquility in the laid back town. To our surprise though, the city of Zhuhai is a booming international center by itself. With hundreds of foreign tourists and settlers, the area looked somewhat commercial too. Hotel prices though have surprised us by being very budget friendly compared to the hub Macau. Hengqin Hotel is a world class stay and had many amenities for a foreign tourist. It even serves a relaxing place for locals after their hectic days. The rooms are amazing unique which shall be covered in a different video. The thing that got our attention was the Bay Hotel Buffet. Anchor Karuna had no idea which dish to choose from. Believe us, we were quite famished after the long journey from Macau and we needed tasty and healthy food urgently for breakfast. You could choose from hundreds of varieties and choosing one became a difficult task. The video is a proof of that. Watch it!

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