A trip on the Hallstatt lake is definitely one of the nicest ways to discover it's beauty

A trip on the Hallstatt lake is definitely one of the nicest ways to discover it's beauty

మీరు పెడల్ పడవ అద్దెకు ద్వారా మీ పడవ రైడ్ చేయడానికి ఎంచుకోవచ్చు

Situated in Salzkammergut in the north of the Austrian nation, Hallstatt village has a world famous view from the opposite side of the lake that separates the railway station and the village itself. The first time you enter the lake is through the ferry which is supposed to take you to the shore of the village, and after you get down, you are presented with many exciting lake boat trips that make you go back to the waters but this time to have fun independently or with a partner.

Hallstatt lake boat trips are something that one can only enjoy by being there. With the surrounding mountains giving a breathtaking experience already, the Lake boat trips is really the icing on the cake giving a pleasant feeling to adults, children, families and groups alike. With shipping and boating enduring since 19th century, the ferry rides are all too common and run 365 days every year. As you can in the video, covered by Vihari camera crew, the small boat rides being essentially for amusement, they are usually safe and guarded well.

A commonly known term 'Platte' or the 'wooden boat' service is offered if you want to go boat rental. You can also choose to do your own boat ride by renting the pedal boat which can become tiresome if you aren't too familiar with that style of boating. However there is also a choice to go electric' with the boats, as motor boats powered with electricity can also give you a very amusing boat ride on your own accord.

As the water in Lake Hallstatt appears clean and the surroundings covered with high rise mountains, we can also see many people going for a quick bath or swimming. The experience felt is extremely unique and has to be experienced is what the people who actually had done tell us. Team Vihari have all to say about it in the video.

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