Desert Storms
Desert Storms
Beware of desserts storms. If you're travelling in summer, remember that this time of year can be very hot, with sudden dessert storms and flash floods. Beware of lightening and any signs of storms. Try to get to get a shelter such as a car or building. If you are unable to get to a shelter, it's best to lie flat between the dunes.
Dessert Creatures
You may not encounter desert creatures, as most are nocturnal. However, some deserts are home to venomous snakes and spiders. To avoid being bitten, be sure to watch where you walk, where you put your hands, and where you sit, and avoid stepping over rocks.
Dessert Creatures
Dress appropriately: Because of extreme temperatures - high heat during the day and cold at night--be aware of the risk for heat stroke and hypothermia. Protect yourself from the sun's rays with a broad rim hat, sunglasses, and broad spectrum sunscreen. Bring an extra jacket with you in case you're out after dark when temperatures drop.
Orient yourself: It's easy to become disoriented in a desert environment. Bring a GPS or compass with you.
Tip: If you are stranded, move to the top of a dune, carry a mirror or piece of aluminium that can reflect sunlight and be used to flash a potential rescuer.
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