Athens, the knowledge center of the world

Posted by Admin | 28 Oct 2021

Athens is the oldest city that still exists and even has the same name from almost 7 millennia! Evidences like architecture, scriptures and statues were preserved and stored and kept as it is from the 10th millennium BCE and that's one wonder. Every place has a history of culture, religion, and knowledge of its own. But what's wonderful about Athens is the struggle they went into preserving their knowledge. Empires changed, wars happened but the knowledge center of Greece, Athens, remained what it was even after different conquests and emperors.

Knowledge center of the Greece

The architecture of Greece took the world to a different level. Their level of understanding geometry and civil engineering is still a study, and many of their laws and rules are still implemented in constructing buildings. The bridges, citadels and forts they built still stand strong. Most of the constructions are still there. The most popular ruins are the Acropolis of Athens. It is a grand citadel that will give you the views of Indiana Jones or some treasure hunter to be there.
There are museums and other ruins that still preserve the essence of the ancient kingdom. To be in a place where Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the most famous king Alexander the Great stood once is an experience in itself. This is one experience that makes you proud to be part of the huge human kingdom and all the accomplishments we have had since the past 10,000 years. The city of Athens, now a modern city, proves from where we began and where we are right now. Athens temples still exist too as museums and relics of past culture.
Walking in the halls of palaces and citadels in Athens make you feel like walking in the path of the great Aristotle. It feels like tracing the path of our philosophical, scientific and mechanical advancements to the modern day. This experience is the closest to what we can do to travel back in time. And everyone should and must visit the City of Athens at least once in a lifetime.

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