Walking tours in Berlin
Belin, the most iconic of places in the world that carries a lot of history within its core. Many wars and mayhem but the city still stands strong with all its population sharing diverse roots. It's one such wonder we witness in almost all Hollywood action flicks. Wanting to go to Berlin is so natural for the hype. It's also wonderful that there are many free walk tours along this historic and iconic place.
Walk Tours in Berlin
First comes the Berlin wall of course! The Berlin wall divided Germany into east and west physically and also ideologically. This is the first time humanity has shut and showed common disinterest and acted physically on ideological differences. The wall is down now, but some of the parts of the wall remain. You can get a guide walk you through the wall and tell you how there came a wall and how they broke it down. Such a struggle!
There is a tour for third reich and Jewish quarters. We all know how significant Jewish quarters played a role in the Third Reich and the Fuhrer's goals! Here is where the holocaust happened. This is the place that once humanity saw its worst. This is the place where humanity was reborn, killing the evil. Having a guide giving you a walkthrough across the Jewish quarters and tell you the struggle for their lives.
There is also a specific holocaust tour where there are monuments of the Jews who were killed in the holocaust and the soviet soldiers who fought the Nazis. Germany took care of telling the horrifying part of their history in the most educational and useful way for the tourists and travellers.
You can also visit the concentration camps directly. As Berlin was the operational headquarters for Hitler, you can have a walking tour all around the history of WWII and its significance for Berlin. It's really amazing when you see the native tour guide explain to you how they survived various attacks sbeing the base of WWII. There are many bridges, boat rides and resorts but these are what you must definitely do if you are in Berlin.