How to travel more when you are short on tim
When you want to travel more and you are on the clock, it sure is an adrenaline rush. But that rush is exactly the hook-point or the thrill of this short trip. The goal is to watch more, experience more in a short time, with that rush in your heart. Usually, we run around, checking destinations, packing travel bags, inviting friends, crossing off all the places to visit and trying tour packages. But such is not the case in this short, rushy trip.
The Gut
First thing to do is to trust your gut as you shouldn't be thinking more. Less the reasoning, more the emotional satisfaction you can get. Trust your gut! If you instinctively feel like going somewhere, don't immediately overthink about destinations, places to visit, friends, travel bags and other things that usually bother you. It's time to do whatever feels right to your instincts. You have a short time? Why bother wasting time, inviting? If you know that someone might hang along for sure, take them, if not, just go out already.
Pack Less
You gotta pack not what pleases you most, but what is needed the most. You should pack as less as possible to be flexible enough for whichever mode of transport you choose. Your travel bag must be shorter than your usual tours. You only pack basic needs, and enough stuff for you to survive for the short period of time that you have.
Flexible and adaptable
You need to be open to choose whichever mode of transport, whichever food and whatever take you to the place you want to go. If it's local transport, don't be hesitant to ask for a lift. You need to be okay with anything that can take you where you want. Focus less on planning, and more on enjoying whatever comes your way. Short trips are sure rushed but there's thrill and adventure involved. Oh, adventurer, set foot already, the clock's ticking!