Undoubtedly the most beautiful places in the world
Is there objectivity in opinions? Maybe not, but there are indeed locations that are objectively accepted as the most beautiful places in the world and there is no saying 'no' to it. These destinations are globally considered aesthetically pleasing. Even if you look-up or inquire about the best destinations in the world in any tours and travels agencies, they would not let the list finish without these destinations.
The 5 most beautiful places in the world
As the list goes big, subjective opinions might influence the list and not everyone might agree with it. These five tourist places around the world are something that is almost like a fact that they are a wonder. No, we are not talking about the seven wonders of the world, as they are too obvious. Like how logical it would be to say, Paris. You would feel "You don't say"

Venice, Italy
Paris overshadows this beautiful place. Italy is as gorgeous or even more romantic than France when it comes to Venice! The canals, the bridges, the arches, the stone building and the culture, everything is romantic about this destination. It is like listening to a beautiful symphony to be in Venice. It definitely gets its place as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Japan and Sakura
Japan is just a country? Yes! But during the spring, it is something more, something spiritual. The Shiba Inus, the cherry blossoms; Japan is one of the most beautiful places in the world because of its aesthetically pleasing scenery.

Greece Islands
Any, remember, any island in Greece is a pleasure to look at! The old building, the constructions, the pure sea, the ancient city of Athens! Greece is the world's wisdom centre. Without Athens, we wouldn't be philosophizing and discovering science! It's the birthplace of cultural arts! No wonder why everything is quite beautifully constructed.

Vietnam has destinations that will make you jump with awe. Countrysides are innately more pleasing to humans. Maybe it is because of our genes? Either way, Vietnam is filled with greens and has no shades of whatever wars that took place around. The lush green farms and the orange skies, Vietnam, Mon Amour!

Not just Vietnam, Myanmar is one of the best places when the talks about scenic beauty occurred naturally or anciently. Myanmar has ancient cities in lush green forests. Boating and scouting through these ancient civilisations, the structure, the entire feel of this place is an epitome of serenity.
Collectively, these are the five things no tours and travels agencies will disagree upon. If you are looking for the nearest tourist places from India, Myanmar and Vietnam are the best choices for you. You can even witness early Indian influence in those places.