Angkor Wat, the spiritual place of Cambodia!
Angkor Wat, the spiritual place of Cambodia, a seventh wonder!
Cambodia was once part of India and it was home to Angkor. Angkor has established and flourished in Cambodia around the 9th to 15th Century CE. It was a beautiful history and what makes this place even marvellous is how history is preserved as it is even today! Yes, that is true. You can see the ancient Angkor Thom (the kingdom), Angkor Wat Temple even today how it was then.
Angkor Thom the land of tranquillity
Angkor Thom is the last kingdom now present in Cambodia, which is the recorded evidence of the kingdom of Jayavarman VII. Angkor Thom is a record of an ancient civilization, its architecture, its culture and how it is relevant today. Looking at their scriptures on the Angkor Wat temple, we can understand how our society is today based on our earlier fundamentals.
Visiting Angkor Wat, roaming around the lush green forests and the ancient kingdoms and civilisations of rock amidst the greenery has a different transcendental vibe in it. After the Indochina war, the place has received a lot of damage. But still, even the war couldn't take the vibe out of this place.
A few soldiers of the Vietnam War, say that they can still feel like they are around the borders of Cambodia, feeling the green rivers, the lush jungle and the stone carvings of Angkor. If you are looking for an ancient civilisation that is still preserved and has the echoes of its civilisation still running around, this is the place.
You can see monasteries around the shores, the monks meditating, their chants vibrating and the boats floating on the waves of these green ripples. If you are looking for tranquillity, a peace of mind, this is the place you are looking for, Angkor Temple, the Angkor Wat, the 7th wonder of the world.