A family trip and all the places to visit
With many available resources and packages, family trips are not impossible now. It is just that they are less frequently talked about. Lone travellers occupy most of the trend and the idea to travel with family gets less attention. But such is not the case, it is equally or distinctively as fun as travelling alone.
Travel with family; but where to?
The only time when all the family can go peacefully is during vacations. That's why travel with family is only possible during the vacation. Thus, it is usually called a family vacation. And before looking into family holiday packages and stuff, let's first see where to visit with family.

The immediate locations when we talk about family trips are in north India, because of the snow and temperature. Himachal Pradesh is the best state for a blissful family vacation.

Shimla & Manali
Shimla and Manali are quite notorious locations for family trips. You can book hotels that provide you with a cottage. Imagine living in cottages in the snowy hills. Isn't it quite dreamy?

It's more beautiful if you go further north.

Jammu & Kashmir
Gulmarg and Srinagar are two famous locations quite popular among families. Hotels in Srinagar offer many holiday packages and offers for families. You can even book direct flights to Srinagar, it is a beautiful holiday location.

Go further up!

Ladakh is the biggest part of the Kashmir region. It is the highest region you can go to in India and going close to the Himalayan region, it is an entire geographical beauty that you shouldn't miss.

Going east

Darjeeling blues are something a family shouldn't miss. The trains, the hills, the buildings and locations, everything is eye-candy in Darjeeling. Travel with the family to this location because it is one of the most family-friendly locations you can find in India. The holiday packages for family are quite reasonable and enjoyable. There are also many hotels and as Darjeeling is rushy, you need to book hotels prior to the trip.

Going South now
Catching the coastal areas from Bengal, Puri, Orissa is cultural and makes a beautiful family vacation. The temples, the heritage and the spiritual vibration fills this landscape with a pleasing aura and makes a blissful family trip.
There are further beautiful locations and hill stations in the south around the hilly regions. Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Coorg and many other hill-stations make a beautiful family vacation too. As these are small places and are not far from each other, a family can plan a one week trip and visit all of these south-Indian hill stations in the same week.