Plan a trip to Sikkim, the adventure paradise
Ladakh and motorcycles have an illegitimate affair of their own. The number of tourer bikes and several bike rallies that head to Ladakh are great in number. It is almost like a traveller's monotonous dream to go to Ladakh. It became a lovely travelling spot for couples too. But have you tried to plan a trip to Sikkim? Because somewhere on the verge of breaking the norms of mainstream touring came the plan to tour Sikkim.
Why plan a trip to Sikkim?
The hills, the ghats and the peaks of snow; would you or would you not dare to go? It might take a vehicle to transport you to Ladakh, but to go to Sikkim is fun on its own. The very trial to reach Sikkim can fill your travel journal and image gallery. That is because there is no straightway.
How and where in Sikkim?
The how, is an easier part to explain, but a grand experience overall. You have to go to Bagdogra airport, the nearest one. Because there are no direct flights to Sikkim from all over over the country. Bagdogra has an international airport and all you have to do is just book a flight to Bagdogra!
And the wonderful journey doesn't end here, it just begins here. From Bagdogra, you have to book a private vehicle that just waits for you outside the airport. Thus begins the journey. Now comes the 'where?' part. Gangtok or Pelling?. And why not cover both as however, you are at it?
The grand voyage
It is as if you had set foot for a quest and crusade! The mountains, snow, cattle, monks and cultural villages cover your way as you begin heading to Sikkim. Be it spiritual or aesthetical, the pleasure you get from just viewing out of your windows will readily make you lose in ecstasy.
Be it Gangtok or Pelling, the Bluish tones of the very environment are quite romantic to experience.
Hotels in Sikkim
Well, the stay is luxurious, prices are fair too, but the best place to fix the stay is Arithang, Gangtok, as it's filled with hotels. The wiser way is to book the stay prior, right when you thought to plan a trip to Sikkim.
Hotels in Sikkim are not hard to choose, because, from every window, you get to view the wonderful terrain.
Just imagine waking up to this!
Such is the geographical advantage of this location.
What's stopping you?
Is it the availability of flights to Sikkim? Or the doubt of having hotels in Sikkim? Because either way, it is still advantageous and more beautiful.
The roadway is scenic. The location is aesthetic. Think no more, Plan a trip to Sikkim now and unleash your inner traveller!