In Rajasthan
Vihari In Rajasthan
Rajasthan is usually not looked upon as one of the tourist places by new travellers as it is a desert. Though Jaipur is one of the most populated tourist places in Rajasthan, only experienced travellers are seen floating around. But a desert should not be stopping the spirit of an adventurer, with safe and appropriate tour guidelines, no place is impossible to visit.

The friendly locale, vibrant landscapes and palaces are flooded across Rajasthan. This land is a home for Rajputs for a long period of time and is a land of heritage everywhere. And the best way to tour around Rajasthan is in a Skywaltz Balloon! Call it sky safari, and enjoy this cultural grandeur. The sun blazes, the sand flows like the waves of the ocean and amongst this beautiful scenery, there are colourful dresses and aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Flying low allows you to enjoy the sightings even better. You get to see everything from the top, like the god's perspective and you can see all the hidden treasures that you miss looking at them straight from the ground. The safari lasts for one hour, but it remains with you for a lifetime. Rajasthan is as beautiful as the other most beautiful places in the world. Our travel series too, have tried to capture the geographical, cultural and scenic beauty of tourism in Rajasthan.