How to reach Salzburg
Reaching Salzburg is an experience worth sharing. We can only speak for ourselves, so let us share how we reached Salzburg to explain the journey in general. It began with a train ride from Vienna. The lush greenery reminds one the lyric that goes "Country Roads, take me home". The view from the train en route to Salzburg from Vienna is quite blissful looking at the countryside and aren't countrysides the most beautiful places in the world? Almost every tourist or traveller, commonly loves some serenity and that is the soul of the countryside. The journey ends when entering Salzburg, but this is where the nostalgic euphoria begins.
Ah! Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart! It is as if you have travelled time and have reached one of the most important tourist places in the world. The history of Salzburg is evident in its architecture and the culture of the locale. Altstadt, or usually called an old town, has beautiful and quite historical buildings that puke out its patrician sense of aesthetics. The gardens, rock building and forts, especially the Hohensalzburg Castle are the must-watch tourist attractions in Salzburg. Every traveller must visit the Hohensalzburg Castle to witness its entire white exterior and marvellously tailored interiors.
Mozart's house is turned into a museum now for us tourists to experience and sense the music auteur's spirit in the echoes of the walls. And shopping in the streets of Getreidegasse is so much fun; collect as many souvenirs as you can. Salzburg attained the status of a heritage site by UNESCo because of its preserved historical wonders as-it-is. Every house is one of the beautiful tourist places in Salzburg. O, wanderer of countryside and cultural lover, this is the place for you to tour!