Parrot Roller Coaster
Parrot Roller Coaster in Zhuhai
Zhuhai, a place for marine adventures and one of the most visited tourist places internationally, has a lot of tourist attractions. The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a wonderful resort that is home to a lot of thrills. The recent addition to this amusement arena is a roller coaster that is extremely fun. It is called the Parrot Roller Coaster of Zhuhai and it reaches too high in the sky. Like all the tourist places in Zhuhai, a traveller should not miss this adventure. Our host Karuna and our team of Vihari travellers have not shied away from this monster.
The experience they shared is a direct video that you can watch in this video. You can see how our host gets thrilled, ecstatic and extremely enjoying this daredevil roller coaster. One of the visionary things about this ride is there are vomit bins near to the seats for people who might feel nauseated. It is the experience of a lifetime because it is the world's largest roller coaster and its body represents a Parrot. We only have exciting things to say about this ride. It is only evident for a professional travel series like us enjoying and sharing this experience with you.