In Chimelong
China as one of the biggest countries is also home for most beautiful places in the world, from forests, mountains, landscapes to busy cities. Zhuhai is one of the busiest cities like any other busy Chinese cities. It is a beautiful escape, if you are looking for tourist places that are an escape, outside the country, Zhuhai is one of the places where you can blend in the crowd and enjoy the peace away from all the rushes you have at home. And the great way to enjoy your trip to Zhuhai is by staying in Chimelong marine resort, and the Hengqin Bay Hotel, a five-star hotel in the resort.
The hotel is an easy way to enjoy your tourism in Zhuhai because it is located near the ocean, and the ocean is the main tourist attraction in Zhuhai. The hotel itself has many aquariums that are home to exotic fishes. There are suites tailored for diverse tourists, from lone travellers to family tourists. The most beautiful thing about this royal and luxurious hotel is its theme. The hotel sticks to the theme that is at the bay to one of the largest oceans and follows a boat-pattern in its architecture. The kid's beds and tables are themed in a boat-shape. It is quite a family-friendly hotel especially for people not only visiting Zhuhai but also other tourist places around.
There are beautiful places around the hotel; even a dolphin show! The view from the balcony is scenic and our host Karuna with our team of Vihari travellers explored this grandeur and shared their experience as unforgettable. Host Karuna is ready to reach the dolphin show first and it will be shown in a different video. Stay tuned!

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