You Literally Supercool Your Drinks With Snow
Manali, Himachal takes the top step in North Indian best tourist destinations. Waterfalls, temples, adventures and scenic beauty, Manali has it all. The Dhungri temple is the most popular temple around the area and it is also named as Hadimba temple. Dedicated to Bhima, the Pandava's wife, the temple is a skillfully crafted temple with furnished interior. We can also talk about Sharvari Maa temple which is situated some 5 km from Manali. This temple is fully buzzing during Dussehra. We can also talk about Gauri Shankar temple which is popular fo the gree apple orchards. Manali is also home to buddhist monasteries. It's fully run by locals who are originally from Buddhist countries like Nepal and Tibet. The biggest monastery is the Gadhan Tekchokling Gompa.

Manali is very famous for the adventure sports that offer plenty of fun in any season. We can experience trekking, mountaineering, hiking etc during the summers, but we can also have a go at skiing, snow scootering during winter when the whole arena gets covered by snow. It's truly a tourist paradise as he can never not choose Manali irrespective of when he wants to visit the hill station. The winters are so cold, that you are constantly shivering at the highest peaks where the temperatures go low. It's true that any warm drink can turn into a cold chilled ready to serve.

The popular destinations one can go from Manali is the Rohtang pass which is the highest point in the area giving a full panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. But the pass is closed in winter as it's very cold even in summer. Our host Karuna Bhushan and team Vihari had a fun filled time during their stay and our footage is proof of that.

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