Tourist places in Odisha, the eco-travel mode!
Odisha is a hot spot for tourism internationally. Many people, on a spiritual conquest or with a love for historic things, visit Odisha. Becoming one of the popular tourist spots in India, it's almost a necessity for this beautiful place to embrace ecotourism. Odisha is the top ecotourist place in India. Having wonderful spiritual places like Puri, Bhubaneswar and Khandagiri hills, following the ecotourist model has really transformed this place into a green-friendly place. Not just the lush green grooves and terrains, but Odisha is filled with hippies, monks, monasteries, temples, beaches and travelers.
Ecotourism and Odisha is a state where ecotourism is almost as if it is a norm. There are many ecotourism certified places that are taken care directly by the tourism industry itself. Each day passes, many more tourist places in Odisha are getting certified as eco-friendly. Ecotourism basically means that it is not just about the traveler and exploration but conservation of nature and especially wildlife. Odisha is a state full of forests, forests, and wildlife. Sure, this is a place that one must visit and explore, but along with that every part of this cultural paradise needs conservation and a helping human hand.
Even when you search for eco-tourism in Odisha, you will run across several places that have already been flagged as eco-friendly by travelers. What's wonderful about this place is that not just the government but even the NGOs and the international travelers have and are contributing a lot to the welfare of Odisha. To put it simply, when you go to tourist places in Odisha, you're not just visiting, but being a part of it and making it safer and better for the other tourists and also the place itself. You're making it a better place by your visit. Many tourist places in Bhubaneswar also follow the same code, and it is just beautiful to experience this.