Shimla Toy Train
The famous Shimla Toy Train in Himachal Pradesh of northern India starts from Kalka, passes as many stations as about 15 to 20 and numerous tunnels, before reaching a main halt point Barog, finally reaching the destination, Shimla. The tunnel takes 3 minutes to pass. The Barog station that is a 15 minute stop is well known to offer refreshments to the passengers who are numbered anywhere around 100 to 120 depending on occupancy, especially if it's the Shivalik Deluxe express. There are two other trains that are in operation. The name of the Shivalik Deluxe express derives from the amazing view during the journey that covers the Shivalik ranges.

During the journey in the Deluxe train, one can also have soothing music playing in background, glass windows and carpets on floor giving a classy experience. Regular toy trains are much lesser in quality, but the luxury in this case is to be considered a bonus as the immediate feeling of riding on a toy train in the highest points of the world itself gives us that luxury. Some vintage points to look out for are Koti and river Kaushalya along with aforementioned Barog.

Anchor Karuna Bhushan and team Vihari were esctatic when the train arrives in Kalka, then seen all major stops, passed all tunnels and finally reach the main destination hill point of Shimla. As certified, the railway line is the narrowest of all India. The ride lasts about 6 hours and is very pleasant. If you agree the ride is awesome from the video, let us know below in the comments. If you wanna experience yourself, go give a try!

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