Pelling, paradise in the North-east
A trip to Sikkim is a tour to paradise. Yaks, goats, sheep, green hills and snowy mountains visible far away. This is how anyone would describe paradise. And this paradise is on earth and lies exactly to the north-east part of India. It is a hill-station in Sikkim called Pelling. Pelling tourism lifts off all the worries and stress you have in your mind with the fresh breeze that blows here. Standing at the top of the hills looking at the far away snowy Himalayan mountains and the valleys of lakes and splendor is exactly how you should spend your vacation.
Pelling tourist places
The very first thing one should do after reaching Pelling is to go on a trekking tour. The very sighting of those far away mountains will lift the traveler inside you to reach those tops. What do you say to that traveler's urge? "Reach it!". Reaching at the tops of those hills, trekking all your way up, you get to witness the splendors of Pelling all in front of your eyes. You have not just land, but even clouds beneath you.
The next thing is to look and walk on the Singshore bridge. Claiming to be the second-highest suspension bridge, Singshore bridge in Pelling is a thrill that everyone should experience. Connecting between two hills, this wonder is really located at high altitude. Kanchenjunga falls is again one of the most lovely places to visit in Pelling. If you search for wonderful Pelling tourist spots, these falls top the list. There are monasteries all along the hills and even some ancient ruins on green hilly terrain.
Rock garden, river, lakes, monasteries, farmlands and the vast valleys of greenery. This entire package of paradise is easy to afford and also easy to travel to. Being at the peak of its beauty, rainy and summer seasons are the most favorable season to visit Pelling. What are you waiting for? Pack that backpack and set foot to this paradise!