Olympic Museum Lausanne, Switzerland

Posted by Admin | 7 Feb 2023

The beautiful city of Lausanne is an interesting spot to visit in Switzerland as it is full of lakes, nature and the Olympic spirit.
The Olympic Museum Lausanne, Switzerland houses permanent and temporary exhibits relating to sports and the Olympic movement. The multifaceted world of the Games will reveal its secrets to you. The Museum offers approx 3100m2 of exhibition space, over 1,400 objects, 140 screens which combine to create a unique immersive experience. Olympic museum Lausanne is the largest archive of Olympic Games in the world with more than 10000 artifacts.
Visiting the Olympic Museum in Lausanne is one the places to must visit in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The museum was founded on 23 June 1993 and named the European Museum of the Year in 1995.

The Olympic museum Lausanne is categorised into three floors- Olympic World, Olympic Games, and Olympic Spirit. From beginning to the end with each floor exhibiting the history, present and future of the Olympics the visual of the museum is a must visit in Switzerland.

The Olympic museum speaks and showcases the spirit of sportsmanship through every nook and corner of it.
Sporting equipment, video clips of Olympic Games events and athletes take you through the magic of time. Watch the merits and medals of all the participants and alongside check yourself for balance, agility, and mental skills with interactive exercises.

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