Near by tourist places in Hyderabad
Hyderabad has become a hot-spot of technological industries after Bangalore. Because of the IT park and the state sponsored start-ups and funds, many people throughout India decide to stay here and find opportunities. Some places in Hyderabad even have people from all across the globe. Because of the international tourism and the multinational companies that have their main branches here, it is so common that Hyderabad became the smart hub of the country. So if you are in Hyderabad and you have your weekends all for yourself. What are your getaways? What are the near by tourist places to fill your traveler urge? What exactly appears when you search "tourist places near me" standing in the heart of Hyderabad?
Tourist places around Hyderabad

Hyderabad is usually a busy city, and it's quite common to lose track of time while you are here. Many locals don't know that there are actually wonderful places if you are willing to come out of this massive city for a weekend or two. And if you have a long weekend, you can decide to travel more distances and uncover beautiful native places to make your weekend blissful.
First things first, Osman sagar lake comes on the top of the list because it is so close to the city. You can be anywhere around the city, but travelling to Osman sagar lake is not hard. You can even find buses that go directly from the main bus stops of the city. Osman sagar is a big reservoir that has a vast mass of water that becomes a visual wonder to look at. It's that place you can travel at the beginning of the day, look at the mesmerizing sunrise from the stream and go back to the city and go to work.
Right beside the beautiful lake is a place called Chilkur that is quite revered by the people of Hyderabad. This village has an ancient temple that has many secrets and wishes granted for the locals. No matter which day you go, you can see the temple flooded with crowds. And if you have temples on your list, Sanghi temple is another place that you can plan to go.
Sitting on top of a hill, Sanghi temple is one of the first places you see if you search the phrase "tourist places near me" on the web. And if you are looking for forts and historic places outside Hyderabad, Bhongir fort and Rachakonda fort are one of the ancient structures still standing on top of hilly terrain. They are as huge as Golconda fort and as old as its history goes. If you are willing to go farther, you can visit different towns, districts like Vemulawada, Warangal, Vikarabad, Nalgonda and many other places that have ancient temples, rivers, lakes and tourist attractions that'll entertain your time in Hyderabad.