Macau Museum
The Macau Museum of China is an epitome of the beautiful Portuguese maritime influence on Macau and China. The Museum is filled with the historical Macau sail boat replicas and Portugal industrial theme with different decks about different examples of the era. The place where the Museum is located is called Barra Pagoda where the Portuguese first landed according to many first hand believers. The building itself is shaped like a boat anchored in a harbor. It's 3 storied and different stories have different exhibits like we mentioned earlier. Check out the host, Karuna having a close look at the ancient Boat models and getting awed by knowing about the history and trade between Portugal and South China.

According to our tour we have come to know the three floors of the building have a unique set of things at display and will keep you very interested until you reach the exit. It's a perfect show of craftsmanship and beautiful history depicting true friendship between two different cultures during that era with their trade. The first floor displays the traditional look of fishermen of the 16th century and the tools and techniques they used are on display giving ample knowledge required. Second floor gives us the trade between the two countries and the Portugese exploration in the land, and how they used their brilliant minds to discover the great Macau maritime industry.

The top floor of the Museum is full of technical details on the maritime advancement in Macau. Combining Portugal minds and South China's ample brawn power, the industry of maritime has thrived here, and it's distinctly visible by the boat models displayed. It also gives full information on the transport link and how the explorers from Portugal landed here to change this part of the world. If you have some time to spare, there is the 'A Ma' theatre showing small film about the same, believed to be the protector goddess of the local fishermen.

Once we are ready to step out of the Museum, we're in for a beautiful aquarium that displays different parts of the marine world, like they have independent tanks to display the river bed, harbour and the coral reef. Host Karuna and team Vihari were spell bound by the detail and history of this part of the world superbly depicted by the Museum. Watch the video till the end to know we're telling the absolute truth.

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