Iceland and the northern lights
Iceland is an island country. Remember vikings and Norse mythology? This is the place of Ragnar?k! The sea around here gives the entire country a bluish gray tone which feels like a fantastical outlook straight out of a fantasy movie. There is time to visit this cinematic place. You only have to visit this place during the coldest and darkest winters. In the cold dark nights there's something spectacular, Aurora borealis or the northern lights. You can see lights dancing in the sky like in a Disney movie.

The northern lights of Iceland

One of the major tourist attractions in Iceland is these northern lights. This phenomenon is caused when solar winds coincide with earth's magnetic field and create something that looks like colorful lights dancing. Looking at something that colorful and fantastical is an experience beyond an ordinary human life. We're used to perceiving such luminosity in televisions and computers, but looking at this splendor directly feels like an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime.
First thing to keep in mind is that there is no guarantee if you will spot the northern lights. It is better if you are in touch with Icelandic weather and northern light predictions that the locals do. There are many websites that predict when and where you can witness the Iceland aurora. But sometimes the prediction may fail, and you may end up watching none. But even so, many locals use the phrase "To catch the Iceland lights, you need patience".
Many have seen the Iceland aurora when they never expected to see and many have never seen them even in multiple attempts. Northern lights, Iceland is one such experience that's so close to a miracle even though it is scientifically explainable. This is one miracle that we must witness. Many people have it on their bucket list that they have to see the aurora borealis before they die. Nothing can beat the experience of Iceland aurora.