How to reach Croatia
Croatia is a wonderful place to travel and quite unique from the other European countries. The victorian era rooftops, the grandeur of architecture, blow the minds of the tourists who visit here. It's a wonderful journey throughout Croatia and with proper planning, you can visit several towns in Croatia in a single trip. There are many places to visit in Croatia and that begins with the capital city, Zagreb. The colorful buildings and perfectly planned streets make Croatia tourism a joyride.
Croatia Travelogue
It takes two days at least to roam around all the places to visit in Zagreb. As Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, it is natural that there are so many things that need perfect attention and not mere touring around. After the two-day tour, you can go to other cities or towns in Croatia. Most popular tourist places in Croatia are Nationaal park, Plitvice lake, Hvar and Dubrovnik.
Giving each place at least two days, you can most probably cover Croatia for around ten days. This little itinerary can give you all the thrills, and fun you want. Did you ever wonder about going to those exotic places portrayed in rich musical videos? The buildings in Croatia and the blue sea around is the location used in many musicals. This is that exotic place that you dreamed about!
Towns in Croatia formed a long time ago in ancient times. And that is the reason for Croatia to have such a planned street topography. The towns were planned a long time before, and such grand designs of the past are now exotic and antique to look at. Your Croatia itinerary will be finished by 10 or 13 days at the maximum, and you'll be filling all of these Croatian experiences in the travelogues! Such is the lovely visual wonder of Croatia and such comfort is traveling around Croatia quicker.