Exquisite unexplored places in Russia
Russia has a lot of travel options unexplored in its treasure. We bring you some of such a beautiful list of places in this article so that next time you explore Russia, you just don't travel it but completely explore its beauty.
Tikhaya Bay
Sakhalin Island has a place called Tikhaya Bay on its east coast which means quiet which looks strikingly beautiful. It is named by a Russian explorer called Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshter. It lacks tourists for its beauty as it is not really marked on the maps. With rocks, cliffs, sandy shores, and exotic plants the place is worth a visit.
Mendeleev Volcano
On the southernmost of Kuril islands, there is Mendeleev Volcano on Kunashir island. The locals call it a sleeping beauty as the last time it awakened was in 1880. The volcanic slopes are now covered with broadleaf forests and hot springs.
The City of Dead: Eltyubyu
There is an ancient village named Eltyubyu located in the Kabardino-Balkaria highlands, in the valley of the Chegem river. It is like someone has scripted it with age-old houses, the Love tower, medieval necropolis, and cut stairs.
Lovozero Tundra
Lovozero Tundra has the remnants of Sami culture. It is a 74-meter high rock formation called Kuiva. There is also a Seydozero lake, where you could go for a swim and with plants around it, you could also get lucky with berries and mushrooms.
Lena Pillars
Lena pillars are 100 meters high and they are lined up on the banks of the Lena river which are remnants of a medieval fortress.
Lake Elton
With higher concentrations of salt than the dead sea, there is a lake in Russia called Lake Elton. It is present near the Kazakhstan border in Volgograd oblast. Its water is believed to have a lot of healing properties.
Manpupuner rock formations
Amongst the seven wonders of Russia, these seven big rock formations are one. They were formed 200 million years ago by natural forces. Mansi people believe that these are saints who turned into giant rocks.