Exotic places to travel in India
An exotic place is a rare place that immediately catches our attention. Love it or hate it, we are going to look at it for a long time. Because exotic things are something that we don't regularly see in our daily lives. Being a geographically diverse place, India has a lot of exotic places. When you come across articles that list out places to visit in India, it's about popularly visited places. But exotic places don't need to be popular. The exoticity doesn't come from being famous or popular, but from the quality of it's unique aesthetic pleasure. Let's look into these exotic and most beautiful places in India.
Alleppey, Kerala
Ever dreamed of green lush vegetation, backwaters and a boathouse? Well, it's not a dream anymore. In Alleppey, everywhere you go you see backwaters, boats and boathouses. It's one of the exotic yet not very popular places in India to visit for its unique qualities. It's a rural area with farmlands and quite a reserved locale. And this essence of it being a rural place adds to the serenity of the place. Filled with ayurvedic resorts all along, Alleppey carries a peaceful vibe to it.
Completely overshadowed by Goa, Pondicherry has the same feel and look as Goa but not as popular as it. This exotic place has French architecture in some streets, as it was a colony in pre-independent India. With distinct dishes and delightful stays, Pondicherry is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in India.
Ooty, Tamil nadu
Ooty is quite popular in southern states for family vacations. Being a hill station, Ooty carries a cool breeze all along the place. The blue skies, green farms and the fresh breeze makes this hill station one of the exotic and memorable stays in India.
Ever looked at ancient architecture and thought "wish I was there?". Hampi is the place that you are looking for. The ancient constructions stand there as archeological wonders and relics from the lost civilisation. Their culture, religion and everything about them is quite apparent on the statues, carvings and the way of construction. This is one of those exotic places that everyone should visit to know the older ones, the ones that created the India that stand today.
There are many exotic places in India that are most beautiful, rare and quite different in their essence. Keep following us, Vihari, the traveller to get to know more exotic places.