In Rajasthan
A Skywaltz Balloon Safari is the best way to EXPERIENCE India from a very exclusive perspective as you drift over traditional Rajasthani villages, spectacular forts, breathtaking landscapes and hidden palaces. And the chance to interact with the friendly, vibrant local communities that make India such an energetic & vibrant country

With the rising of the sun and a few short blasts' of the burners, you will be gently released to calmly float in the Indian Skies.Each flight is a new adventure. Whilst we know from where you will take-off, we genuinely don't know where you will land as you drift where ever the wind decides to take you.

The Pilot will vary the altitude during the flight, flying low to offer you an exclusive sneak-peak into daily village life and its hidden treasures and then climbing high to witness the amazing patchwork of colours and contours.Balloon Safari will last for approximately 60 minutes but may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the weather conditions on the day.