A trip to Hampi, the hippie paradise!
Floral patterns, cultural heritage, bonfires, music and hippies! A trip to Hampi is what you should do at least once in your life if you are a culture lover. Hampi blooms with Indian culture and the essence of counterculture in America is reflected here.
Everyone needs one trip to Hampi
The beauty of this place does not lie in its ruins, tombs and catacombs. The beauty of this place lies in the vibe of these ruins and these are not mere rocks that we see in Hampi. These are the remnants of an ancient culture, a civilization that preserved their spirits in the walls of these tombs in the echoes passing through walls.
Planning a trip to Hampi
Well, this excavated archaeological location doesn't entertain an airport. Book a flight to the nearest airport in Bengaluru, then you can get a cab or bus to Hampi. So, are there any flights to Hampi, if you may ask; No. There are no direct flights to Hampi.
It is best advised to definitely visit Hampi through cab or renting a vehicle because you have to see these places around while visiting Hampi that all combine as the architecture of ancient Indians.
The hippie island!
There is an island opposite Hampi, called Hippie island. Now it is as famous as Hampi itself. That name because many hippies travel and stay there to have cultural activities, like singing, dancing and celebrating.
The fun you receive in Hampi is something quite transcendental in nature. And Hippie island is where you stay if you want to stay in Hampi.
Accommodation or hotels in Hampi
Hippie island is filled with hotels, restaurants and recreational areas. Hotels in Hampi are quite affordable. It is best to look for the ones that give you cottages and campsites. You can blend in with hotels that offer bonfires and camps near the shores to feel the cultural catharsis. Hotels in Hampi are always busy with foreign guests.
So book your hotel prior to the trip to Hampi.
Holi and Holy!
Hampi is holy in its architecture and is the best place to celebrate Holi. Foreigners fill the streets celebrating Holi. On the eve of Holi, people sit around, sing, dance, talk, eat and celebrate. In Hampi, every moment is a celebration. It's a holy place visited especially for Holi!
If you are looking for events to celebrate Holi, look no more. The flights to Hampi are actually flights to Bengaluru, then a cab, of course. And about hotels in Hampi, as read above, there is an entire island for that. All you need is Holi in Hampi!