A brief trip to turkey
Turkey is a perfect package of all the tourist places that we can talk about. From historic artifacts to ultra-modern cities, this widespread country that belongs to two continents, Asia and Europe, Turkey is one wonder you should not miss. The Roman era, the Persian era and the great Greek era and many more rulers, religions and cultures have had a strong influence on this land. Once the capital of trade, Constantinople, is now Istanbul in Turkey. Usually, Turkey tourism is mistaken as just Istanbul tourism, but no. There are many places that one can choose to visit, experience and travel along in Turkey. From green lands to waters, mush grooves, mountains, metropolis and many other varieties of geographical diversity can be seen here.

Turkey's tourist attraction

Istanbul tourism is famous because the name traces back to history. Even when Istanbul was Constantinople, it was still the busiest tourist place in Turkey. Being the heart of trade and transport, Istanbul is quite popular among many countries. And the feel of riding in a yacht, cruise or those Istanbul blues, excites anyone to witness this aesthetic pleasure.
Aside from Istanbul, Ankara is one of the finest places to visit in Turkey. Ankara is the capital of the country Turkey and is a cosmopolitan city. And not just the architecture and modernist buildings, but everything about Ankara feels so fashionable and ultra-elite! There are citadels, museums and mausoleums to entertain you and amuse you about how they preserve their ancient heirlooms. Being the second-largest city of Turkey, Ankara tops the list of tourist places in Turkey.
Although Istanbul and Ankara take a front seat, there are still many equivalently splendid places all along Turkey. Bodrum, Trabzon, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Konya and other famous historical yet underrated places are stored inside the heart of a traveler. Turkey is a symbolical proof of how something can evolve into a city or how human civilization can build such a magnificent cosmopolitan! Why not witness this heart of civilization here, oh traveler?